Question Starters

Bloom Taxonomy Revisited. I cannot remember the source. (Geof)

Use these ideas as question starters

Remembering or Knowledge

  • What happened after?
  • How many?
  • Who was it that?
  • Can you name the?
  • Described what happened at?
  • Who spoke to?
  • Can you tell why?
  • Find the meaning of?
  • What is?
  • Which is true or false?

Understanding or Comprehension

  • Can you write in your own words?
  • Can you write a brief outline?
  • What do you think might happen next?
  • Who do you think?
  • What was the main idea?
  • Who was the key character?
  • Can you distinguish between?
  • What differences exist between?
  • W• Can you provide an example of what you mean?
  • Can you provide aDefinition for?

Applying or Application

  • Do you know another instance where?
  • Could this have happened in?
  • Can you group by characteristics such as?
  • What factors would you change if?
  • Can you apply the method used to some experience of your own?
  • What questions would you ask of?
  • From the information given, can you develop a set of instructions about?

Analysing or Analysis

  • Which events could have happened?
  • What happened, what might the ending have been?
  • How was this similar to?
  • What was the underlying theme of?
  • What do you see as other possible outcomes?
  • Why did changes occur?
  • When you compare your with that presented in?
  • Can you explain what must have happened when?
  • How is similar to?
  • What are some of the problems of?
  • Can you distinguish between?
  • What were some of the motives behind?
  • What was the turning point in the game?
  • What was the problem with?

Evaluating or Synthesis•

  • Can you design a to?
  • Why not compose a song about?
  • Can you see a possible solution to?
  • If you had access to all resources how would you deal with?
  • Why don’t you devise your own way to deal with?
  • What would happen if?
  • How many ways can you?
  • Can you create new and unusual uses for?
  • Can you write a new recipe for a tasty dish?
  • Can you develop a proposal which would?

Creating or Evaluation

  • Is there a better solution to?
  • Judge the value of?
  • Can you defend your position about?
  • Do you think is a good or a bad thing?
  • How would you have handled?
  • What changes to would you recommend?
  • Are you a person?
  • How would you feel if?
  • How effective are?
  • What do you think about?

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